Simon Townsend


Simon D. C. Townsend
B.A. (Teaching), M.A. TESOL/TEFL, D.I.T. (Network Engineering)

Residence: and Head Office 1-498-51 Matsuoyoriki
Hachimantai City
Japan 028-7032
mobile: (81)080 6565 8912

Simon Townsend is Juku school owner in Morioka City and Hachimantai City. He enjoys teaching children including early learners from Kindergarten in English class and other subjects. In addition the STEM program adds robotics&programming and programming to the list of specialist subjects. He is also a part-time University English lecturer in Iwate prefecture in northern Japan including under graduate and post graduate classes, for example, Advanced Science English content based classes, Intensive English classes, Speaking and Communication classes. He is interested in both face-to-face and online communicative based teaching methodology, and teacher-training education. He has been involved in various educational programs as an ITC developer and has conducted research and published educational manuscripts in Japan and abroad. Other interests include running his own dedicated server, which he uses to develop his Universal Access Framework (UAF) for utilizing education on mobile devices and smartphones. His ambition is to keep life simple.